Jammu Kashmir study center Nagpur Chapter

President Retd. Jud. Meera Khadakkar , & Addi Secretary Satish Marathe,

and  Winners. 1st Position . Mrs. Vaijayanti Chitale, 2nd Position

Dr. Mrs. Veena Ganu, 3rd Position Ms. Kirti Puranik &

Appreciation to Master. Abhiansh Palsapure

The closing ceremony of the general knowledge quiz competition organized by the Nagpur branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Study Center in lieu of merger of J&K with India, was held on 26th October 2020. Adhering to the government rules, the event was held at the residence of the president of the organization, Hon. Miratai Khadakkar. 

The second-place winner among the local winners was Dr. Mrs. Veena Ganu and No. 3 Ms. Kirti Puranik who were given certificates under the auspices of Hon’ble President. Mrs. Vaijayanti Chitale, who achieved first position in the competition, was contacted by telephone and best wishes were extended to her.

Mr. Abhinandan Palsapure, Secretary of the Society introduced the program and moderated the program. Treasurer of the society Shri Sagar Mitkari and a few members like Shri Vijay Bhagdikar, Jayshreeji, Poonamji were present in this program. Mr. Satish Marathe explained the role of the competition in capacity of the Convener of the program. Both the winning contestants present in the function shared their views on the quiz competition.

Jammu Kashmir Study Center, Nagpur

27 – Oct – 2020