Jammu Kashmir study center Nagpur Chapter


Jammu and Kashmir study centre

Lead by

Mr. Abhinandan Palsapure

Secretary ( JKSC, Nagpur )

Contact : +917709711222

Jammu-Kashmir study centre, Nagpur chapter is a think tank dedicated to the cause of knowing facts about history, geography and culture and it’s pivotal role in shaping the destiny of nation. The role of the state of Jammu and Kashmir can never be underrated at any cost. Organisation has the bunch of members who possess expertise in respective field of their liking. It has the healthy culture of conducting no holds bar discussion on varied topics concerning the security of nation, as Jammu and Kashmir being a border state is synonymous with the geo-politics of this region. The group regularly deliberates among members all related issues. This organisation does not believe in any kind of water tight compartment, per say. It follows greater degree of transparency and elasticity in its functioning, to encourage more and more people to come under its wing. After formulation of set of ideas, same is carried forward to cross section of society, particularly youths, for their enlightenment, in the form of presentation, what’s App forwards etc.